Jan 25, 2013

Lifestylehunters: Nothing is too crazy, as long as you feel comfortable.

Crazy, young, trendy and unique - let me present you a couple from Netherlands that totally blew my mind away with their style! The amazing Niels and Linda (www.lifestylehunters.com) can’t go unnoticed in the streets of Amsterdam, Milan, Paris, London, New York ... and anywhere they go. They complement each other, combining in one very original way their outfits. They love to be extravagant and to show the world their fresh ideas. I personally saw them for the first time during Milan Fashion Week in June 2012 and instantly fell in love with them.

Here's what they shared specially for me and my readers:

VT:  Can you introduce yourself for my readers? Who are actually Niels and Linda?

N&L: We are Niels Oostenbrink (24) and Linda Tol (28). We both live at the moment in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We had met eachother aproximately 2 years ago, and are best friends ever since. Four months after we had met eachother we launched the blog www.lifestylehunters.com

VT:  Why "lifestylehunters" ? How have you decided to start that blog and how long are you doing it? 

N&L: We were watching the show 'The Rachel Zoe Project' and really liked Rachel and her former assistent Brad Goreskias a duo. Since we both often got snapped by streetstyle photographers, and got asked by people from the fashion industry and friends why we didn't start a blog, this was the moment we were waiting for and ready to take the step. In our opinion there weren't any blogging duo's yet. With our blog we wanted to inspire and entertain people who are interested in fashion, beauty and travelling. Our signature is that we always coordinate our outfits. We not only do this in the look pictures we post on our website, but also when we attend events like the international fashion weeks. In this way we like to show people how to wear certain trends for men as well as for women. We are now online for 1,5 year. 

VT:  It's obvious that you both adore fashion. When did you find your passion about it? 

N&L: Our passion or fashion started on a very young age. Linda comes from a very down-to-earth place in the Netherlands, Volendam, but this didn't hold her on going to school in a princess dress. Niels has a very iddle family, and his mum used to work in the fashion industry as well. You could really say we were grown up with fashion.

VT:  I admire to your amazing style and your always unique mixed & matched clothing. What inspires you both?

N&L: We get inspiration from so many different things. From the fashion shows we see, the television shows we watch, the countries we visit and the food we have. Everything could inspire us for some new outfits. Biggest inspiration we probably get from the International Fashion Weeks we try to attend. 

VT:  It's hard to be always different and original but I see that you don't have problem with that. Do you have favorite brands and styles? Are there some pieces you love to use like belts, hats, shoe types

N&L: Since we always coordinate our outfits this probably makes the fashion statement twice as big. If one person comes in a paisley suit it is fun, and it stands out. But if two people come towards you in a paisley print there is no way you won't see us. This matching part is probably what makes us different and original. Moreover we don't have one specific style. One day we are both formal & dandy, next day we could be grunge and the following day head-to-toe in colours. Because of that we have a lot of favorite designers. Examples: Viktor & Rolf, Givenchy, Alexander Wang, Chanel, Max Mara and Prada. But also more affordable like Topman, Zara, Kooples, Drykorn and H&M. 

VT:   What about the colors? Do you have any favorites?

N&L: We don't really have a specific favorite colour. We wear allmost all the colours you could imagine. 

VT:   Let's go back to the blog. Is it opening new opportunities for you and your personal experience like traveling or visiting fashion shows? 

N&L: It does give us lots of new opportunities. We are very lucky to get invitations for the international shows, as well as press trips. We love to travel and could never get enough of this. We are also considering to move out of Amsterdam to a bigger city like NYC or back to London (were Niels used to live during his study). Also on our wishlist: Rio de Janeiro, Tel Aviv, Shanghai and Japan. And obviously we are very curious about Bulgaria as well. 

VT:    Is there some dream destinations or places that you really want to see some day ? Or someone you like to meet, some idol that you love? 

N&L: Brazil, Japan, China, San Fransisco, LA, Tel Aviv, Copenhagen, Stockholm, there are so many places we still would ove to visit. During our visits to the Fashion Weeks we meet lots of inspiring people. Most of our idols we already have met during these trips. We would love to get to know Anna Della Russo, Ricardo Tisci, Karl Lagerfeld and many more better. 

VT:    And finally, can you give an advice for my readers how to be original in their lifestyle and street style

N&L: Be who you want to be. Be yourself. Let yourself inspire by the magazines, the fashion shows and the blogs. But give your own interpretation to this. And in our opinion: More is more. Nothing is too crazy, as long as you feel comfortable.