Aug 12, 2013

Rihanna for River Island Autumn/Winter Collection is coming soon!

RIHANNA has unveiled her second collection for River Island which will arrive in two parts - first in September 12th and second in November. As we saw in her debut high-street line, here comes the same urban style but this time with more sporty moments.

I have for you some pictures of her first autumn items: crop tops, bomber jackets, knee-length shorts, oversized jumpers, sporty lingerie, floor-length dresses, boots and strappy sandals, rucksacks and beanie hats with ""RiRi" slogan.


Limited edition leather jacket, £200 | Cropped hoodie, £40

 Camouflage bomber jacket, £80 | Limited edition denim jacket, £80

 Baseball top, £40

 Red limited edition leather mesh jumper, £80 | Red G4Life jumper, £35
 Striped cropped jumper, £35 | Camouflage cropped jumper, £35

 Camouflage cropped T-shirt, £25 | Mesh crop top, £25

Limited edition camouflage bra top, £70 | Leather bra top, £70

 Camouflage underwear set, £25 | Black underwear set, £25

 High-shine trousers, £50 | Limited edition red leather trousers, £150

 Striped maxi dress, £60 | Red mesh dress, £50

 Camouflage dress, £40 | Mono print dress, £40
 Striped maxi skirt, £40 | Camouflage maxi skirt, £40

 Jeans, £50 | Mono print leggings, £25

 Oversized striped T-shirt, £30 | Black rucksack, £20

 Leather pencil skirt, £100 | Limited edition camouflage hotpants, £85

 Heeled boots, £120

 Ankle strap heels, £60 | Black heels, £60 | Camouflage heels, £60

 Riri beanie, £15

 Limited edition camouflage boots, £200

Do you have favorite piece from her collection? And do you like RiRi as fashion designer? Can't wait to see your opinions!

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  1. Thanks to follow me, now I'm following u too...great blog ;)

  2. Pretty cool collection! She sure made some cool and edgy pieces!


  3. OMG!! I like your blog more and more!!
    i looooove riri
    and i looooooooooove her collection as you can see on my last post jajaja

    cant wait til the release

    of coure im following back!


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  4. how amazing is this collection!! it screams rihanna all over!!

    Animated Confessions

    1. I like it too! Thank you for visiting me!

  5. This collection looks even better than her last. I want it all. Rihanna is awesome. Thank you for following. I followed you back on g+, Fb (Mira De Vils) and Bl. I hope we stay in touch. You blog is fabulous.

    xx Mira

    1. Thank you my dear! Can't wait to see your next article!


  6. Great khaki pencil skirt! Hope I can buy one!

  7. Amazing collection!! Thanks for your comment in my blog, would you like to follow each other?:)

    1. Thank your for your comment too! I'm already following you:)

  8. wow, great job u have a wonderful blog!
    keep posting!
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  9. I really prefer Rihanna as a singer rather than as a fashion designer! ;p


  10. Cool! I love the cameo hot shorts. I think it's cool how she's creating her own clothes!

  11. This collection is typical Rihanna style. I love it! I don't buy something but it's absolutely inspirational. Cute! The pieces arestylish. xoxo :*

  12. Thank you for the comment! Following you now:)