Aug 25, 2013

This week's BEST dressed BLOGGERS /August 25/

Happy Sunday beauties!

At the end of the week I've decided to create new category in my blog: This week's BEST dressed FASHION BLOGGERS. We have so many charts for celebrities so I want to make some different story. Bloggers are big trendsetters nowadays and we can see many fashionable and stylish combinations on their pages. I love to follow these it girls just to see their way to express personal style by using famous or not so famous brands, low budget or luxury class stores and even sometimes own creations. 

As the name of my blog is Fashion with Style, I'm always searching for stylish outfits. And I don't mean only Armani suits or Chanel bags (which I love). My keyword for stylish look is harmony. It's very important to know how to find the balance when doing clothing combinations and to avoid any type of kitsch stories.

To create this article, yesterday I went through more than 90 fashion blogs from different parts of the world and I've selected 50 pictures which I finally categorized in 7 main tendencies. I hope guys will like my choice and if you do, please follow me on my social media channels for further interesting articles.

P.S. If you are a blogger and you wish to see your pictures(also links to your website) in my BEST DRESSED article next Sunday, just write to me on I will need your blog address so I can go and see your images and if your outfits can be called "fashion with style" ,next Sunday you can see yourself on my page.

xxx Victoriya


 Left:  | Right: Unfortunatelly I couldn't find her name  


            Left: | Right:









                       Left: | Right:


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  1. Gorgerous!

  2. Gorgerous!

  3. Hi!!!! I like so much this post, and I really like your blog, I follow you!!
    The girl who you don´t know the name I think is a Spanish blogger. Her blog is: ;-)

    Kisses from Spain and keep in touch!!!!

    1. Thank you for your help my dear! Kisses :)