Jun 21, 2014

Find your PERFECT Bra

We all love summertime with all its strapless or backless dresses, cutouts, halter tops and plunging necklines but how annoying can be realizing we don't have the proper bra to wear with them. Finding your perfect lingerie for these hardest-to-wear-but-so-amazing dresses can be very tricky so I have the best video support for you!


There are some magical bras and accessories designed to keep your two girlfriends looking awesome in every outfit. 

Find more ideas that I really hope will be useful to you right here:

1.Backless And Strapless 

Dresses: Superdry Scoop Back Mini Dress - asos.com,  €56.32
             Cowl Back Midi Bodycon Dress - asos.com, €49.29
             Maxi Dress In Hawaiian Print With Strappy Back
(Similar) - asos.com, €77.46

 2. Open fronts an low arm holes

BraNu Bra - nordstrom.com, €58.75
        Breast Tape ByeBra - byebra.se, €27

 3. V and U-shaped necklines

Dresses:   Oh My Love Scuba Off Shoulder Skater Dress - asos.com, €39.44
               Full Skater Dress - asos.com,  €77.46
               Sweetheart Plunge Dress - asos.com, €50.70
       'Uplunge N29674' Bra - nordstrom.com, €21.93

4. Crossed lines and low-backed dresses

Dresses:  French Connection Georgie Georgette Halter Neck Silk Dress - asos.com, €109.86
              ASOS Swing Dress With Petal Straps - asos.com,  €63.38
              ASOS Bodycon Dress With Cross Back In Tie Dye - asos.com, €30.98

5. Strapless

Dresses: ASOS TALL Bandeau Wrap Dress - asos.com, €63.38
              Elise Ryan Bandeau Dress With Scallop Lace Waist - asos.com,  €70.42
              Elise Ryan Bandeau Skater Dress with Eyelash Lace Trim - asos.com, €53.52
BraPush-Up Bra - victoriassecret.com , €36.75
        ASOS Perry Padded Corset - asos.com, €35.21

 6. One-shoulder

Dresses: Swing Dress with Asymmetric Frill - asos.com, €53.52
              Trollied Dolly One Shoulder Dress - asos.com,  €30.98
              One Shoulder Drape Dress - asos.com, €63.38

Bra: Playtex Secrets 7 Way Multi Underwire Bra - studioeurope.com.au, €32.27

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